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Why choose FirstLine Filters products?

Unlike what you may believe, not all air filter products are the same. Many are cheap in price but also cheap on how well they remove air contaminants and particles.  There are a number of companies out there producing air filtration products to consider.  Some are reputable, but their products lack proven performance by the ASHRAE testing requirements or National Air Filtration Association (NAFA).

We believe you deserve the quality needed to not only protect your equipment from decreased efficiency or long term damage, but also to protect your employees or family members from dust, allergens, bacteria and virus carrying particulates. Our products are ASHRAE performance tested by independent labs to ensure all products meet the quality our customers expect.

Quality matters to us, but so does price. That is why we are in business - to manufacture and supply air filtration products with tested and proven quality while staying very affordable.


We offer a full line of 30 and 90 day disposable heating and air filters covering MERV 3, 6, 7, 8, 11, and 13 ratings.  We have two lines of products to meet both standard residential needs as well as professional / commercial requirements.  

Learn about these products:


We carry a full line of commercial grade pre manufactured air filters. We also carry high efficiency filtration media that can be custom designed to fit your size and efficiency needs.

  • HVAC Filters

    • Pleated Disposable Panel Filters

    • Polyester Disposable Air Filters

    • Fiberglass Disposable Air Filters

    • Charcoal (Carbon) Infused Air Filters

  • Washable Air Filters

    • Galvanized Steel Filters

    • Aluminum Filters

  • HEPA Air Filters

  • V-Cell Filters

  • Box Filters

  • Cube Filters

  • Gas Turbine Air Filters

  • Bag and Pocket Filters

  • Industrial Cartridge Filters

  • Pocket Overspray Filters

  • Rigid Cell Filters

  • Cylinder / Cone Filters

  • Paint Booth Filters

  • Grease Trap Filters

  • Bulk Roll Media and Pads



We can build custom sized filters for you.  

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